Local Empirical Likelihood Diagnosis of Varying Coefficient Density-Ratio Models Based on Case-Control Data


In this paper, a varying-coefficient density-ratio model for case-control studies is developed. We investigate the local empirical likelihood diagnosis of varying coefficient density-ratio model for case-control data. The local empirical log-likelihood ratios for the nonparametric coefficient functions are introduced. First, the estimation equations based on empirical likelihood method are established. Then, a few of diagnostic statistics are proposed. At last, we also examine the performance of proposed method for finite sample sizes through simulation studies.

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Wang, S. , Zheng, L. and Dai, J. (2014) Local Empirical Likelihood Diagnosis of Varying Coefficient Density-Ratio Models Based on Case-Control Data. Open Journal of Statistics, 4, 751-756. doi: 10.4236/ojs.2014.49070.

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