An Improved Finite Temperature Lanczos Method and Its Application to the Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Model on the Kagome Lattice

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We present an improvement of the finite temperature Lanczos method in order to apply this method to systems at very low temperature. One proposal is to introduce two steps in this method. In the first step, we use the Chebyshev polynomial expansion to calculate exp(-H/T1) random vector> at moderate temperature T1. In the second step, we apply the ordinary finite temperature Lanczos method using the calculated state as the initial state of the Lanczos method. Another proposal is to employ a sampling method for selecting a random vector. By this sampling, we can improve an efficiency of calculations. Using the improved finite temperature Lanczos method, we calculate the specific heat of the spin-1/2 Heisenberg model on the kagome lattices of 27 and 30 sites.

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Munehisa, T. (2014) An Improved Finite Temperature Lanczos Method and Its Application to the Spin-1/2 Heisenberg Model on the Kagome Lattice. World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, 4, 134-140. doi: 10.4236/wjcmp.2014.43018.

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