Cluster Analysis for Political Scientists


This paper provides an intuitive introduction to cluster analysis. Our targeting audience are both scholars and students in Political Science. Methodologically, we use basic simulation to illustrate the underlying logic of cluster analysis and we replicate data from Coppedge, Alvarez and Maldonado (2008) [1] to classify political regimes according to Dahl’s (1971) [2] polyarchy dimensions: contestation and inclusiveness. With this paper, we hope to help novice scholars to understand and employ cluster analysis in Political Science empirical research.

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Filho, D. , Rocha, E. , Júnior, J. , Paranhos, R. , Silva, M. and Duarte, B. (2014) Cluster Analysis for Political Scientists. Applied Mathematics, 5, 2408-2415. doi: 10.4236/am.2014.515232.

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