Isolated MicroGrid’s Voltage and Frequency Characteristic with Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine


To save on the island area's power supply cost and protect the clean environment, the Isolated MicroGrid is being duly considered. Consisting of the Wind Turbine Generator (WT), photovoltaic generator, battery system, back-up diesel generator, etc., Isolated MicroGrid, which usually uses the inverter to maintain voltage and frequency of the system, is very weak in terms of voltage and frequency stability compared to the large-scale electrical power system. If wind turbine generator is applied to this weak power system, it could experience many problems in terms of maintaining its voltage and frequency. In this paper, the measurement result of voltage and frequency is presented for MicroGrid, which consists of the Wind Turbine Generator adopting the induction generator and the battery system. MicroGrid’s voltage waveform distortion and Wind Turbine Generator’s output oscillation problems are analyzed using PSCAD/EMTDC. Based on the analyzed result, the importance of type and capacity choice has been suggested in case the Wind Turbine Generator is applied to the Isolated MicroGrid.

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Chae, W. , Lee, H. , Hwang, S. , Song, I. and Kim, J. (2014) Isolated MicroGrid’s Voltage and Frequency Characteristic with Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine. Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, 5, 180-192. doi: 10.4236/sgre.2014.57017.

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