1-D Paracrystalline Model to Simulate a Bragg Reflection: Computation of Crystallite Size and Lattice Strain


A simple and elegant method to simulate single order reflection profile based on 1-D paracrystalline model has been proposed here. For variety of polymer films this approach has been applied to compute microcrystalline parameters like crystallite size and lattice strain. Other metallic oxide compounds are also analysed using this approach. Employing this model, X-ray diffraction patterns from various polymer samples have been analysed and corresponding microstructure parameters have been reported in this article.

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Prakash, M. , Urs, G. , Ananda, H. and Somashekar, R. (2014) 1-D Paracrystalline Model to Simulate a Bragg Reflection: Computation of Crystallite Size and Lattice Strain. Crystal Structure Theory and Applications, 3, 48-55. doi: 10.4236/csta.2014.32006.

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