Integration of Building Maintenance Data in Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM)


A typical building project has a long life in the maintenance stage. Also, the cost at this stage is enormously huge compared to planning, design and construction phases. In the earlier stage, which is planning or design phase, however, many project participants put little emphasis on the maintenance information. As a result, important maintenance data is missing and erroneously feedback to the 3D/BIM model. This research provides a generic process model for maintenance information management for building facilities. The authors have identified that there exist most-frequently used information areas: checking information, material information, equipment information, supplier information, and maintenance history information. Each information area should be embedded in the BIM model in order to effectively feedback to the operation and maintenance stage in the project. Thus, the study has proposed a novel data format structure which can effectively link the 3D/BIM object with the maintenance data. The demonstration project shows how the data format structure is used. The contribution of this study is to provide guidance to a project practitioner by step-by-step approach in dealing with the significant maintenance information in the earlier stage of the construction project.

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Ahn, D. and Cha, H. (2014) Integration of Building Maintenance Data in Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research, 2, 166-172. doi: 10.4236/jbcpr.2014.22015.

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