Effect of Osmotic Stress on the Initial Development of Bean Seedlings


One of the methods to determine the tolerance of plants to water stress is the observation of germination of seeds under stress induced in laboratory conditions. Thus, the aim was to evaluate the response of four common bean cultivars to water deficit simulated under laboratory conditions. Two common landrace genotypes acquired from farmers (FORT 07 and FORT 08) and two commercial cultivars, IAPAR 81 and Serrano were evaluated. The different levels of water deficit were induced with mannitol solution. The experimental design was completely randomized and a factorial scheme 5 × 4 (osmotic potential x genotypes), with four replications. The characteristics: primary root protrusion, seed vigor, normal and abnormal seedling, seedling and root length, fresh and dry weight of seedling and root were evaluated. By reducing the osmotic potential seedling vigor bean was more affected than the primary root protrusion. Regardless of cultivar, there was a significant and progressive reduction in the normal seedlings percentage from potential -0.3 MPa. The IAPAR 81 and FORT 07 cultivars showed higher tolerance to water deficit compared to other cultivars.

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Cabral, P. , Santos, L. , Vieira, H. , Soares, T. , Bremenkamp, C. and Rodrigues, W. (2014) Effect of Osmotic Stress on the Initial Development of Bean Seedlings. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 5, 1973-1982. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2014.513211.

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