MRI of the Bladder in Patients Suspected of Bladder Tumors


Objective: To prospectively evaluate the use of MRI for the detecting of bladder tumors and the T- stage using T2W, T1W and diffusion-weighted images (DWI). Material and methods: Twenty-eight consecutive patients (21 men, 7 women; age range, 20 - 82 years; mean age, 62.8 years) suspected of bladder tumors underwent MRI, flexible cystoscopy and transurethral resection (TURB). The presence of bladder tumor was confirmed by histopathology in 21 patients; 18 patients had pTa, one pT1 and two pT2. The images were reviewed by two uroradiologists. They assigned the presence of a bladder tumor and whether the tumor was non-muscle invasive (Ta and T1) or muscle- invasive (T2, T3 or T4). Results: Compared to the histopathological results, the accuracy for identifying a bladder tumor was 60.7% and 53.7% for reviewer A and B, respectively. The sensitivity and specificity were 66.7%/61.9% and 57.1%/42.9%. Positive predictive values were 82.6%/ 76.5%. The overall staging was correct in 47.6%/52.5%, but improved on stage-by-stage up to 50%/66.7%. The agreement between the reviewers was moderate in the detecting, staging and location of the tumor (Kappa = 0.47 - 0.57). Conclusion: A simple MRI using no contrast media, but DWI, cannot replace flexible cystoscopy in the detection of new or recurrent bladder tumors.

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Gandrup, K. , Nordling, J. and Thomsen, H. (2014) MRI of the Bladder in Patients Suspected of Bladder Tumors. Open Journal of Radiology, 4, 207-214. doi: 10.4236/ojrad.2014.42028.

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