Axial Load Capacity of Cast in Place Piles from SPT and CPTU Data


This paper aims to deal with the assessment of axial load capacity for cast in place pile foundations, which are made by the earth drill method, by using the data taken from Standard Penetration Tests (SPTs) and Piezocone Penetration Tests (CPTUs). These tests were carried out as part of the investigation program for P.N.G. Terminal-Power Plant, near Semani beach, in Hoxhara marsh, in the western part of Albania. The design of axial load capacity of piles is based on empirical formula using SPT and CPTU values. This study presents the results of axial load capacity analysis of cast in place piles by different analytical calculation methods, which are based on in situ tests results, and also referring to the Building Standard Law of Japan. In the end of our work, differences between calculations methods by using different in situ tests results are shown in tables and graphs.

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Anamali, E. , Shkodrani, N. and Dhimitri, L. (2014) Axial Load Capacity of Cast in Place Piles from SPT and CPTU Data. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2, 100-108. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.22011.

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