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Entropy and Entanglement of Moving Two Atoms in a Squeezed Field via Four-Photon Process

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In this paper, the entanglement between two atoms and squeezed field via four photon process is investigated. The dynamical behavior of the entanglement between two atoms and a squeezed field is analyzed. In particular, the effects of the atomic motion, the initial atomic state and the field squeezing are examined. A high amount of entanglement is generated by increasing the field squeezing. Furthermore, we show that a sudden death and sudden birth emerge when the moving atoms are initially prepared in the excited state.

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Abdel-Khalek, S. and Halawani, S. (2014) Entropy and Entanglement of Moving Two Atoms in a Squeezed Field via Four-Photon Process. Natural Science, 6, 487-494. doi: 10.4236/ns.2014.67047.


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