Chemical Analysis on Mongolia’s Natural Bitumen


To extract pure bitumen, the bitumen from Bayan-Erkhet, Zuunbayan and Ukhaa was prepared into small particles of 0.2 - 0.5 cm and then it was infused with chloroform in the Soxhlet apparatus [1] [2]. The physical-mechanical properties were identified after the solvent was extracted from the chloroform infused bitumen through the vacuum evaporation method. The characteristics of the debris without bitumen or the remains after the infusion were examined in details. The hydrocarbon content of the bitumen was identified with the device: Agilent 7890-5975c Gas chromatography mass spectrometer.

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Bat-Erdene, E. , Byambagar, B. , Enkhtsetseg, E. and Avid, B. (2014) Chemical Analysis on Mongolia’s Natural Bitumen. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 4, 184-188. doi: 10.4236/aces.2014.42021.

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