Invariance and Noises of Shannon Entropy for Information on Oxidative Activity of DNA in All Living Cells for Medical Diagnostics


We analyze oxidative activity of DNA due to fluorescence of chromosomes inside cells, using flow cytometry method with nanometer spatial resolution. Statistics of fluorescence is presented in histogram as frequency distributions of flashes in the dependence on their intensity and in distributions of Shannon entropy, which was defined on the base of normalized distribution of information in original histogram for frequency of flashes. We show that overall sum of entropy, i.e. total entropy E , for any histogram is invariant and has identical trends of changes all values of E(r) = lnr at reduction of histogram’ rank r. This invariance reflects informational homeostasis of chromosomes activity in multi-scale networks of entropy inside all cells in various samples of blood for DNA inside neutrophils, lymphocytes, inside all leukocytes of human and inside chicken erythrocytes for various dyes, colors and various excitations of fluorescence. Informational homeostasis of oxidative activity of 3D DNA in the full set of chromosomes inside living cells exists for any Shannon-Weaver index of biodiversity of cells, at any state of health different beings. Regulation perturbations in information activity DNA provides informational adaptability and vitality of cells at homeostasis support. Noises of entropy, during regulation of informational homeostasis, depend on the states of health in real time. The main structural reconstructions of chromosomal correlations, corresponding to self-regulation of homeostasis, occur in the most large-scale networks of entropy, for rank r<32. We show that stability of homeostasis is supported by activity of all 46 chromosomes inside cells. Patterns, hidden switching and branching in sequences of averages of H?lder and central moments for noises in regulation of homeostasis define new opportunities in diagnostics of health and immunity. All people and all aerobic beings have one overall homeostatic level for countdown of information activity of DNA inside cells. We noted very bad and dangerous properties of artificial cells with other levels of informational homeostasis for all aerobic beings in foods, medical treatment and in biotechnologies.

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Galich, N. (2014) Invariance and Noises of Shannon Entropy for Information on Oxidative Activity of DNA in All Living Cells for Medical Diagnostics. American Journal of Operations Research, 4, 72-89. doi: 10.4236/ajor.2014.42008.

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