Deposition of Titanium Layer on Steel Substrate Using PECVD Method: A Parametric Study


Metallic titanium film was deposited on H-13 steel substrate at 470°C - 530°C using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) method. In this paper, the effects of manufacturing parameters were investigated on deposited titanium coating characteristics. XRD, FESEM, XPS and AFM were used in order to study coating characteristics. Increasing hydrogen flow rate from 200 to 360 sccm, resulted in a 72% decrease in oxygen content and 38% decrease in chlorine content of the film. Applied plasma voltage has a severe effect on nanohardness of coating. Pressure of the deposition chamber has a negative effect on titanium characteristics.

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Hedaiatmofidi, H. , Aghdam, A. , Ahangarani, S. , Bozorg, M. , Azadi, M. and Valiei, M. (2014) Deposition of Titanium Layer on Steel Substrate Using PECVD Method: A Parametric Study. Materials Sciences and Applications, 5, 140-148. doi: 10.4236/msa.2014.53018.

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