Determination of the Stabilization Time of the Solution-Air Interface for Aggregates Formed by NaC in Mixtures with SDS and PEO, Investigated by Dynamic Surface Tension Measurements


The properties of mixtures of poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO) and mixed micelles formed from sodium cholate (NaC) and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) in tris/HCl buffered solutions at pH 9.00 were investigated by measuring the mean surface tension. The variation in the superficial tension as a function of the time after formation of solutions containing PEO and NaC was characterized by monitoring the time required for the system to reach equilibrium between the micellar and aqueous phases. These results could serve as a reference for the minimum aging time required for solutions before any surface tension measurements can be performed.

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Raupp, G. , C. Felippe, A. , Allievi Frizon, T. , da Silva, L. , da Silva Paula, M. and G. Dal-Bó, A. (2014) Determination of the Stabilization Time of the Solution-Air Interface for Aggregates Formed by NaC in Mixtures with SDS and PEO, Investigated by Dynamic Surface Tension Measurements. Soft, 3, 1-10. doi: 10.4236/soft.2014.31001.

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