Study of Fourier-Based Velocimetry


Standard phase-domain pulsed Doppler techniques used in Colour Flow Mapping such as spectral Doppler or autocorrelation are monochromatic, focused on the analysis of the centre transmit frequency. As such all the algorithms using those approaches are limited: in terms of spatial Doppler resolution because of the long pulses typically used for transmission, in terms of frame rate because of the necessity to perform many Doppler lines repetitions and additional B-mode imaging transmissions, and in terms of accuracy which depends on the stability of the Doppler signal at the frequency considered. A velocimetry technique is presented which estimates the shifts between successive Doppler line segments using the phase information provided by the Fourier transform. Such an approach allows extraction of more information from the backscattered signal through the averaging of results from multiple frequencies inside the bandwidth, as well as the transmission of wide band-high resolution-pulses. The technique is tested on Doppler signals acquired with a research scanner in a straight latex pipe perfused with water and cellulose scatterers, and on an ultrasound contrast agent solution. The results are compared with the velocity estimates provided by standard spectral Doppler and autocorrelation methods. Results show that the proposed technique performs better than both other approaches, especially when few Doppler lines are processed. The technique is also shown to be compatible with contrast Doppler imaging. The proposed approach enables high frame rate, high resolution Doppler.

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J. Martial Mari, "Study of Fourier-Based Velocimetry," Open Journal of Acoustics, Vol. 3 No. 3A, 2013, pp. 21-32. doi: 10.4236/oja.2013.33A005.

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