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Volume 7, Issue 1 (January 2017)

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cDNA Cloning and Expression Analysis of the Chalcone Synthases (CHS) in Osmanthus fragrans

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In the flavonoid biosynthesis pathway, Chalcone synthase (CHS) is involved in the formation of the pigment and has been shown to be a rate-limiting enzyme for the synthesis of flavonoids. In this study, a PCR approach was used to clone a Chalcone synthases cDNA from flower of sweet osmanthus “Chenghong Dangui” and it was designated as OfCHS (O. fragrans, CHS). The cDNA was 1383 bp long and a coding sequence (CDS) of 1173 bp encoding a polypeptide of 391 amino acids with an estimated molecular mass of 39.9 kDa. The theoretical isoelectric point was 6.23. Phylogenetic analysis demonstrated that OfCHS clustered with Olea europaea, Solenostemon scutellarioides, Perilla frutescens, Antirrhinum majus and Digitalis lanata. We also detected the expression of OfCHS in different tissues in “Dangui” and in two cultivars with varied coloration, “Zi Yingui” and “Chenghong Dangui” at different floral stages using quantitative real-time PCR. We observed that OfCHS transcript was higher in leaves than in petals in “Dangui”. The transcripts of OfCHS in “Zi Yingui” petals were higher than those in “Dangui” at three stages especially at xianyan stage and there was no significant difference between the two cultivars in the full flowering stage. “Chenghong Dangui” has a relatively high anthocyanin content compared to “Zi Yingui”. The relative amount of anthocyanin of “Chenghong Dangui” initially increases, and then decreases during the bloom period. However, the expression of CHS is the highest at the initial flowering stage. These data suggest that the OfCHS does not play a key role in the accumulation of total flavonoid in this cultivar. These data could contribute to explain the different accumulation of flavonoids in petals of the two cultivars.

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Ma, Y. , Xu, X. , Zhang, N. , Guo, J. and Zang, D. (2017) cDNA Cloning and Expression Analysis of the Chalcone Synthases (CHS) in Osmanthus fragrans. American Journal of Molecular Biology, 7, 41-48. doi: 10.4236/ajmb.2017.71004.

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