Local Role of Food Producers' Communities for a Global One-Health Framework: The Experience of Translational Research in an Italian Dairy Chain


Community is the foundation of public health: the present paper reports the approach and strategy for intervention on the dairy production community developed by the Italian project ALERT (www.alert2015.it), which implements the transfer of technical innovation and technological know-how from public research. Starting from the local role of primary producers, North-South and South-South networking (www.noodlesonlus.org) is needed to share solutions for transnational problems like climatic change, contaminated agro-farming sites and food waste and losses in the era of food crisis. Based on risk analysis, science-society dialogue and global health, the main drivers of this experience of translational research are One Health, i.e. the web of inter-relationships among environment, farm animals and human health, and sustainable food safety (prevention actions on diet of young women, today, to protect next generation’s health) to increase population life expectancy in good health.

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Frazzoli, C. , Mantovani, A. and Dragone, R. (2014) Local Role of Food Producers' Communities for a Global One-Health Framework: The Experience of Translational Research in an Italian Dairy Chain. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 3, 14-19. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2014.32B003.

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