Food and Nutrition Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 2 (April 2011)

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Aflatoxin Carryover during Large Scale Peanut Butter Production

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Peanut butter was monitored for aflatoxin contamination at different stages during its large-scale production starting from raw shelled peanuts up to the final product. Twenty five samples, weighing 2 kg each, were taken from each of the following stages: roasting at 160?C, blanching/de-skinning and grinding. The sub-samples were ground, thoroughly mixed and further reduced by the quartering technique until a 1 kg sub-sample was obtained. This was then analyzed for aflatoxins using reverse phase HPLC incorporating pre-column trifluoroacetic acid derivatization. The results showed a total aflatoxin percentage reduction of 51% after roasting, 27% after blanching/de-skinning followed by a further 11% after grinding to make peanut butter. This meant that there was a cumulative total reduction of 89% of aflatoxin concentration during the production process of peanut butter. These results show that there is a significant reduction of aflatoxin levels at the roasting and blanching stages in the process of producing peanut butter.

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A. Siwela, K. Mukaroa and N. Nziramasanga, "Aflatoxin Carryover during Large Scale Peanut Butter Production," Food and Nutrition Sciences, Vol. 2 No. 2, 2011, pp. 105-108. doi: 10.4236/fns.2011.22014.

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