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Delayed Lumbar Artery Laceration and Symptomatic Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage Following IVC Filter Placement

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Inferior vena cava filters are placed in selected patients to protect against potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. Generally, filter placement is regarded as a safe procedure although rare complications may arise. Recurrent thromboembolic events are the most common complications assoiated with inferior vena cava filters; however, there are multiple reports of filter fracture, migration, embolization, penetration and perforation. The aim of this report is to illustrate a serious potential complication of inferior vena cava filters. We report a rare case of symptomatic retroperitoneal hemorrhage occurring 3 weeks after filter placement treated successfully with selective arterial embolization of a lumbar artery laceration. This case serves to highlight the importance of retrieving filters when they are no longer beneficial.

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Montgomery, J. and Kolbeck, K. (2015) Delayed Lumbar Artery Laceration and Symptomatic Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage Following IVC Filter Placement. Open Journal of Radiology, 5, 212-216. doi: 10.4236/ojrad.2015.54029.


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