Association of type 2 diabetes mellitus with the reduction of mandibular residual ridge among edentulous patients using panoramic radiographs
Osama Al-Jabrah
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Objective: To evaluate the association between type 2 diabetes mellitus and the reduction of mandibular residual ridge in completely edentulous patients wearing complete dentures and to investigate the ef-fect of gender, age and years of edentulousness / den-ture wearing on ridge resorption on both groups. Methods: Seventy-two (36 men and 36 women) with a mean age 63.5 years (range of 52 to 73 years) com-pletely edentulous denture-wearing patients were included in this study. Of these, there were 40 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and 32 control subjects participated in the study. Resorption in the mandibular residual ridges was assessed by using the mental foramen and the inferior border of the mandible, as they appear in panoramic radiographs, as reference points using Wical and Swoope Analysis method. Measurements were performed using “Dijite” Digital Caliper. The amount of mandibular ridge resorption was calculated and correlated with type 2 diabetes mellitus and the results were compared with control group. Differences in gender, age and years of edentulousness were investigated. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS (V11.0). A 2-sample t-test was used to evaluate the differences in mean values of mandibular ridge resorption between diabetics and controls. Level of significance was set at 0.05. Results: The mean mandibular residual ridge resorption of all participants is 8.0 mm (26.9%), diabetic group significantly (P < 0.01) had two times more resorption compared with control group (35.8% versus 18.0%). Females recorded greater amount of resorption in diabetics 49.7% versus 21.8% (P < 0.001) and in controls 22.3% versus 13.7%, (P < 0.05) compared to males, respectively. There were no differences in both groups regarding the age of subjects and the length of time they have been edentulous and years of denture wearing. The amount of mandibular residual ridge resorption was directly related to the number of years of edentulousness. Conclusion: Completely edentulous, denture-wearing diabetics, women in particular, are at more risk to have ridge resorption than “nondiabetic” subjects. Reduced mandibular height is directly related to years of edentulousness and denture wear-ing with greater amount of resorption among diabet-ics.

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Al-Jabrah, O. (2011) Association of type 2 diabetes mellitus with the reduction of mandibular residual ridge among edentulous patients using panoramic radiographs. Open Journal of Stomatology, 1, 61-68. doi: 10.4236/ojst.2011.13011.

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