Recent advances in fiber-optic DNA biosensors


Fiber-optic DNA biosensors are a kind of ana-lytic setups, which convert the Waston-Crick base pairs matching duplex or Hoogsteen’s tri-plex (T/A-T, C/G-C) formation into a readable analytical signals when functionalized single- strands DNA (ssDNA) or double-strands DNA (dsDNA) of interest are immobilized on the sur-face of fiber-optic hybrids with target DNA or interacts with ligands. This review will provide the information about the fiber-optic DNA bio-sensors classified into two categories depend-ing on the end fiber and side fiber with or with-out the labels—label-free fiber-optic DNA bio-sensors and labeled fiber-optic DNA biosensor in recent years. Both are dissertated, and em-phasis is on the label-free fiber-optic DNA bio-sensors. Fiber-optic DNA biosensors had got great progresses because fiber-optic has more advantages over the other transducers and are easily processed by nanotechnology. So fiber- optic DNA biosensors have increasingly at-tracted more attention to research and develop the new fiber-optic DNA biosensors that inte-grated with the “nano-bio-info” technology for in vivo test, single molecular detection and on-line medical diagnosis. Finally, future pros-pects to the fiber-optic DNA biosensors are predicted.

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Wang, Y. , Pang, X. and Zhang, Y. (2009) Recent advances in fiber-optic DNA biosensors. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 2, 312-317. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2009.25046.

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