Spectral Properties and Parameters Calculation of Er:Ligdf4 Crystal
Chun Li, Ying Zhang, Xuejian Zhang, Dongwei Miao, Hai Lin, Mauro. Tonelli, Fanming Zeng, Jinghe Liu
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The absorption and fluorescence spectra of Er3+:LiGdF4 crystal was measured at room temperature. Base on the Judd-Ofelt theory, the intensity parameters of Er3+ in LiGdF4 crystal were determined, Ω2=0.905×10-20cm2, Ω4=2.47×10-20cm2 and Ω6=4.92×10-20cm2. The values of the radiative transition probabilities, branching ratios, integrated emission cross-section and radiative lifetimes of excited states of Er3+ in LiGdF4 crystal were calculated. The stimulated emission cross-section was also evaluated for the 4I13/24I15/2 transitions. In comparisons with other Er3+ doped laser crystals, Er3+:LiGdF4 crystal has potential as a promising laser crystal.

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Li, C. , Zhang, Y. , Zhang, X. , Miao, D. , Lin, H. , Tonelli, M. , Zeng, F. and Liu, J. (2011) Spectral Properties and Parameters Calculation of Er:Ligdf4 Crystal. Materials Sciences and Applications, 2, 1161-1165. doi: 10.4236/msa.2011.28156.

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