Enucleation Followed by Open Packing of Iodoform Gauze in Mandibular Unicystic Ameloblastoma: A Case Report


Unicystic ameloblastoma is a clinical subtype of ameloblastoma. According to Ackermann there are three types of unicystic ameloblastoma microscopically. Luminal unicystic ameloblastoma belongs to the Ackermann type-1 unicystic ameloblastoma. They frequently affect young people and may behave aggressively. A general agreement has been made for aggressive type of unicystic ameloblastomas are managed aggressively to eradicate the lesions completely by radical surgical procedures that cause mutilation. Mutilation adversely affects the physcosocial condition of the patient particularly in young age. Therefore there is need of those procedures which restore patient’s natural forms and functions till last attempt. The aim of this case report was to evaluate the efficacy of conservative surgical procedure (enucleation followed by iodoform gauze dressing) in aggressive type of unicystic ameloblastoma. During one year follow-up we observed uneventful secondary healing and bone regeneration, no sign of recurrence clinically and radiographically and no mutilation postoperatively.

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Kumar, V. and Sinha, R. (2014) Enucleation Followed by Open Packing of Iodoform Gauze in Mandibular Unicystic Ameloblastoma: A Case Report. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100703.

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