Femur Length and Head Circumference Ratio in Bangladeshi Fetuses


Objective: Fetal femur length and head circumference ratio is an important ratio for assessment of fetal skeletal growth. So far no study has been done on this ratio on Bangladeshi fetuses. Therefore this study was conducted. Method: This study was prospective and cross-sectional. A nomogram was prepared on well dated, singleton fetuses. A table and a graph were prepared by fitting Polynomial regression models. Results: Consecutive patients who fulfilled the required criteria were included. A total of 1223 subjects were studied. Percentiles, mean and 2 standard deviations were deduced by fitting models. The cubic model was a good fit to the data. Graphs of the data with superimposed curves were developed. Conclusion: For accurate assessment of fetal femur length/ head circumference ratio of Bangladeshi fetuses this chart can be used. Fetal skeletal growth abnormality and some skeletal anomalies can be detected by using this nomogram. This chart is more or less similar to the western chart.

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Rashid, S. (2014) Femur Length and Head Circumference Ratio in Bangladeshi Fetuses. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1100496.

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