Procurement Method Selection for Building Maintenance Projects: The Case of Malaysian Public Universities


The purpose of this paper is to implement and validate a decision making framework for building maintenance projects. The growing importance of maintenance sector not only in Malaysia but al- so increasingly globalized, the difficulty in selecting an appropriate procurement method and lack of research in this area provide an impetus for this research. There were 19 procurement selection criteria identified. In addition, there were 4 types of procurements methods which include outsourcing by specialist term contract, outsourcing by tendered schedule term contract, out- sourcing by repair and maintenance contract and outsourcing by measured term contract identified to be the most popular procurement methods adapted by public universities currently and at the same time were considered most important. The decision making framework was developed based on AHP technique and principles. Expert Choice Software was employed as development tool where the criteria and alternatives were integrated into the framework. Finally, structured interview was conducted to validate the framework developed. The validation process was carried out through structured interview with selected public university.

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Chua, S. , Ali, A. and Alias, A. (2014) Procurement Method Selection for Building Maintenance Projects: The Case of Malaysian Public Universities. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2, 7-13. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2014.23B002.

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