Book Review of Green Materials for Sustainable Water Remediation and Treatment


Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Safe drinking water is essential to humans and other life forms. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water, there would be no life on earth. Apart from drinking it to survive, people have many other uses for water. This natural resource is becoming scarcer and its demand exceeds supply in some region rendering its availability a major social and economic concern. Apart of this scarcity is water pollution which is increasing day by day in many parts of the world. Sources of fresh water on land are getting more and more polluted than ever before. As a result, contaminated water became unsuitable for use. Poor water quality is deadly since contaminated water causes hazards to public health through poisoning or the spread of disease. In order to address these issues, the practice of water remediation has been developed.

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Es-Safi, N. (2014) Book Review of Green Materials for Sustainable Water Remediation and Treatment. Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 4, 175-176. doi: 10.4236/gsc.2014.43022.

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