Boxing Performance May Benefit from Pertaining of the Boxer to a Given Zodiacal Sign


The aim of the present study is not to provide the reader with a proof of astrology’s validity. The present study has been undertaken in the aim of providing the coach with an original tool for identification of the candidates more advantaged than others to boxing practice, in the case that the coach has too numerous candidates to deal with. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program has been used in the analysis of data gathered from, the web based database, about the World top 100 male boxers, retired on March 26th, 2013. The study has shown that boxing performance may be influenced by pertaining of the boxer to given zodiacal signs: 1) Regarding all victories pulled together, the most disadvantaged are Sagittarius signs. As other zodiacal signs related to the element Fire, they probably rarely display tactful behavior. Their resulting impulsiveness may make them neglectful of their defense. 2) Regarding all losses pulled together, the most disadvantaged are Aquarius signs. As other zodiacal signs related to the element Air, they probably think too much before they act; and they tend to rise above conflict and to float around it. All that may affect negatively their attack velocity and defense velocity. 3) Regarding non-KO victories and KO losses, the most advantaged are Scorpio signs. Contrary to other Water signs which are used to detest all form of conflict, they often seek out challenges and problems, subliminally realizing that such challenges call forth their greatest strength and resources. That may probably help them not to neglect their attack, what is expectable in other Water signs. 4) Regarding all victories pulled together, all losses pulled together, and non-KO losses, the most advantaged are Virgo signs. Regarding KO victories, the most advantaged are Taurus signs. As other Earth signs, when driven back against a wall, Virgo and Taurus signs are capable of hitting the obstacle hard with full force. That is particularly true of Taurus, the fixed Earth, who will never seek out conflicts but who is capable of surprising power. The known soundness of Earth signs may help Virgo and Taurus signs to control both their attack and defense actions, performing them only when they feel that they are going to be successful. 5) Regarding boxers life spans, the most advantaged are Libra and Sagittarius signs.

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Tshibangu, A. (2014) Boxing Performance May Benefit from Pertaining of the Boxer to a Given Zodiacal Sign. Advances in Physical Education, 4, 29-35. doi: 10.4236/ape.2014.41005.

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