Progress of High Voltage Trenched and Implanted 4H-SiC Vertical JFET


A silicon carbide (SiC) vertical channel junction field effect transistor (VJFET) was fabricated based on in-house SiC epitaxial wafer with trenched and implanted method. Its forward drain current is in excess of 3.12 A (170 W/cm2) with a current gain of ID/IG = 19746 at gate bias VG = 3 V and drain bias VD = 5.5 V. The SiC VJFET device’s related specific on-resistance 54 mΩ·cm2. The BV gain is 250 V with Vg from -10 V to -4 V and is 350 V with Vg from -4 V to -2 V. Self-aligned floating guard rings provide edge termination that blocks 3180V at a gate bias of ?14 V and a drain-current density of 1.53 mA/cm2.

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G. Chen, S. Bai, Y. Tao and Y. Li, "Progress of High Voltage Trenched and Implanted 4H-SiC Vertical JFET," Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 4B, 2013, pp. 1284-1287. doi: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B243.

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