Progressive Collapse of Steel Frames


This paper investigates the behavior of steel frames under progressive collapse using the finite element method. Non-linear finite element models have been developed and verified against existing data reported in the literature as well as against tests conducted by the authors. The nonlinear material properties of steel and nonlinear geometry were considered in the finite element models. The validated models were used to perform extensive parametric studies investigating different parameters affecting the behavior of steel frames under progressive collapse. The investigated parameters are comprised of different geometries, different number of stories and different dynamic conditions. The force redistribution and failure modes were evaluated from the finite element analyses, with detailed discussions presented.

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Kandil, K. , Ellobody, E. and Eldehemy, H. (2013) Progressive Collapse of Steel Frames. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 1, 39-48. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2013.13007.

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