A Humerus Arterial Bleeding Simulation Model for Hemostasia


In our daily life, accident would happen with arterial haemorrhage,and death would be brought out by continuous arterial bleeding for little time if emergency has not been implemented in time. This paper presents a humerus arterial bleeding simulation model (HABSM) for hemostasia,which has a high-fidelity, practical model for the humerus arterial hemostasia operation that is not only for the surgeons and nurses, but also for commons in urgent bleeding accident. The functional components of HABSM are arm model, fluid circulated pipeline and circuit controlling system. The arm model is made of elastic material as human muscle. Fluid circulated pipeline contains wiggly pump, inlet pipe and outlet pipe. And circuit controlling system has single chip micyoco system (SCM), keyboard, pressure sensor and vision circuit. SCM controls pump and valve to realize humerus arterial blood circulation. Both surgeons and commons thought well of HABSM which provided a task trainer for humerus arterial hemostasia.

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Ni, A. , Sun, Q. , Tian, F. , Wei, G. , Yang, J. and Liu, C. (2013) A Humerus Arterial Bleeding Simulation Model for Hemostasia. Engineering, 5, 307-309. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B062.

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