Avoiding impression tears in gingival embrasures of anterior preparations


As restorative dentists, we are faced everyday with decisions about which impression materials and techniques should be used when restoring teeth. The challenge becomes bigger when the patients present with open gingival embrasures, the dreaded “black triangles”, which tops the list of dentist frustration while taking the impression and after preparation of veneers, crowns, bridges, etc. The technique described offers an option to avoid problems related to impressions locking in gingival embrasures and tearing on removal.

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Harutunian, M. , Bartolo, A. and Estafan, D. (2013) Avoiding impression tears in gingival embrasures of anterior preparations. Open Journal of Stomatology, 3, 335-337. doi: 10.4236/ojst.2013.37056.

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