A New Type of Damper and Its Field Tests on Ice-coating Transmission Lines


The paper developed a type of damper with damping additive, of which the field tests were performed on 220kV transmission line to study its damping effects on vibration of transmission lines. First, based on the common damping measurements, a scheme of filling the damping agent in conventional damper is proposed to suppress the vibration amplitude of the phase/ground line, thus reduce the dynamic stress of the towers and lines and decrease the fatigue damage of the system. Finally, the developed dampers were installed on a 220kV transmission line in GuangdongProvince. The on-line monitoring data show that and the dampers are capable of suppressing the variation of pitch angle and yaw angle of the line, thus verify the effectiveness of the proposed damper.

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Zhong, W. , Wang, W. , Chen, H. , Luo, W. and Song, Y. (2013) A New Type of Damper and Its Field Tests on Ice-coating Transmission Lines. Engineering, 5, 101-103. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.51B018.

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