Automatic Feature Extraction from Ocular Images


Ocular images processing is an important task in: i) biometrics system based on retina and/or sclera images, and ii) in clinical ophthalmology diagnosis of diseases like various vascular disorders. We presents a general framework for image processing of ocular images with a particular view on feature extraction. The method uses the set of geometrical and texture features and based on the information of the complex vessel structure of the retina and sclera. The feature extraction contains the image preprocessing, locating and segmentation of the region of interest (ROI). The image processing of ROI and the feature extraction are proceeded, and then the feature vector is determined for the human recognition and ophthalmology diagnosis.

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Choraś, R. (2012) Automatic Feature Extraction from Ocular Images. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 2, 34-38. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24B009.

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