Study on Measuring Methods of Real Estate Speculative Bubble


The paper analyses the causes of the bubble of the real estate, then elaborates real estate bubble theory based on specu-lation. This paper establishes a regression model of real estate’s price with relevant economic variables, and builds the econometric model to measure real estate’s speculative bubble. In application of the model for empirical research on real estate’s speculative bubble of Chongqing, the paper concludes that globally there is no bubble in Chongqing (but on the edge of bubble). Finally, by analyzing the common points about the existence of bubble, the paper indicates that real estate’s investment and macro-economic indexes are disjointed, and thus the investment is excessive, which can in turn corroborate the conclusions obtained by the measuring model.

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Lai, Y. , Xu, H. and Jia, J. (2009) Study on Measuring Methods of Real Estate Speculative Bubble. Journal of Service Science and Management, 2, 43-46. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2009.21006.

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