Optical Absorption of Nano-Composite Thin Films of Au in Teflon


Nano-composite films of Au particles in Teflon were obtained by thermal vacuum deposition. The obtained films were characterized by the different shapes and dimensions of the inclusion particles. Absorption spectra of the films were measured in-situ. A model for the calculation of the optical properties of the nano-composite thin films with an inho-mogeneous distribution of the inclusions along the thickness of the film is proposed. Absorption properties of inclusions were analyzed by considering the local field interaction. The calculated absorption profiles are compared with the experimentally obtained absorption profiles. This comparison gives a possibility to draw conclusions about the concentration, shapes and shape distributions of the inclusion particles. For example, the films obtained by duration deposition are characterized by inclusions having the shape of prolate ellipsoids oriented normally to surface of the film.

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Grynko, D. , Grytrsenko, K. , Lozovski, V. , Sopinskyy, M. and Strilchuk, G. (2010) Optical Absorption of Nano-Composite Thin Films of Au in Teflon. Materials Sciences and Applications, 1, 141-151. doi: 10.4236/msa.2010.13023.

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