The Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of The Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of Slurry Method on Rene 80 Superalloy


The slurry method is one of the oldest techniques of deposition of aluminide coating on the nickel superalloy, titanium alloys and steel. It is characterized by relatively low costs of its realisation and necessary equipment. This method en-ables a simple modification of chemical composition of the coating through addition of different powders. The author showed study on the possibility of modification of the Al-Si slurry chemical composition used for aluminide coating deposition by addition of MeCrAlY powder. The slurry was deposited by immersion than the diffusion treatment at 950℃ for two hours was applied. The thickness of obtained coatings was in the range of 30 - 65 μm.

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M. Goral, "The Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of The Microstructure and Oxidation Resistance of Slurry Method on Rene 80 Superalloy," Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, Vol. 11 No. 7, 2012, pp. 719-723. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2012.117058.

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