A Method for Rapid Matching Based on Second Order Partial Derivative
Haiyan YU, Zhiquan ZHOU, Zhanfeng ZHAO, Xiaolin QIAO
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Our goal is to enhance matching speed which is important for image engineering. Second Partial Derivative operator in Harris corner detector is directly used to compute the similarity between corners. Then initial matches are obtained. The algorithm is contrasted with normalized cross-correlation and method based on horizontal and vertical gradient. Its computational complexity is reduced and matching speed is improved effectively because this method only adopts the addition and subtraction operations. Experiments on several real images test the matching speed, the matching precision and matching rate of the algorithm. The results demonstrate that the algorithm not only have higher speed but also get higher matching precision and correct matching rate. Even though the stereo image pairs have brightness differences, it still performs rather well.

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YU, H. , ZHOU, Z. , ZHAO, Z. and QIAO, X. (2010) A Method for Rapid Matching Based on Second Order Partial Derivative. Wireless Sensor Network, 2, 37-42. doi: 10.4236/wsn.2010.21005.

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