Cu/CNF Nanocomposite Processed By Novel Salt Decomposition Method
C. Vincent, J. M. Heintz, J. F. Silvain, N. Chandra
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Thermal dissipation in power electronic devices can be improved through the elaboration of a new generation of layered heat sinks based on copper (Cu) -carbon nanofibers (CNF) composites. Though the high theoretical thermal conductivity of CNF (1200 W/m.K) no Cu-CNF composites with enhanced thermal properties are available. Indeed conventional compositing processes do not allow neither a good dispersion of the nano-reinforcements nor a control of the nanofiber-matrix interface which is not suitable for efficient heat transfers. In this paper, a process based on CNF coating with Cu followed by uniaxial hot pressing in described. It is shown that under proper experimental conditions the salt decomposition coating method is capable of achieving the desired high thermal conductivity values (> 400 W/m.K) thanks to a good dispersion of the CNF, low porosity content and the control of Cu-CNF interfaces.

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Vincent, C. , Heintz, J. , Silvain, J. and Chandra, N. (2011) Cu/CNF Nanocomposite Processed By Novel Salt Decomposition Method. Open Journal of Composite Materials, 1, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/ojcm.2011.11001.

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