A Revised Model of Photon Resulted by an Etherono-Quantonic Theory of Fields


By an etherono-quantonic theory of the author [1], which deduces that the magnetic field of a magnetic moment is generated by an etherono-quantonic vortex GM = GA GB of etherons and of quantons with mass mh = h/c2, giving the magnetic induction B, a revised model of pseudoscalar photon derived from the Munera’s model and the Hunter-Wadlinger model is proposed, formed by two vectorial photons with diameter l/p, deformed to the speed direction to the value: l/2 proportional with the speed. The revised model of photon is compatible with the ondulatory and the corpuscular properties of the particles and allows a phenomenological microphysical explanation for the Kerr and the Cotton-Mouton effects and other similar effects. It is explained also microphysically the magnetic rotating polarization (the Faraday effect). The model indicates the variation of the quantum vacuum refraction index in the presence of a strong electric E-field or magnetic B-field.

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Marius, A. (2015) A Revised Model of Photon Resulted by an Etherono-Quantonic Theory of Fields. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-9. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101920.

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