Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis in and around Nekemte Areas, East Wollega Zone, Ethiopia


A cross-sectional study was conducted from November 2010 to April 2011 to determine the prevalence of trypanosomosis and to identify the prevailing species of trypanosomes in cattle present in and around Nekemte. Blood sample were collected from ear vein of 400 cattle and then examined using thin and thick smear method followed by Buffy coat examination. Anemic status was determined by Packed Cell Volume (PCV). Out of 400 samples were examined, 36 (9%) were positive, out of which 26 (0.065%) had Trypanosoma vivax and 10 (0.025%) had T. congolense. The mean PCV of the infected animal is 19.36 and that of non infected animal is 27.54, which indicates a significant difference between these animals. Trypanosomosis is a fatal and economically devastating disease and the major constraint to production by causing loss of the livestock. Therefore, the better strategies to prevent this disease includes: avoidance of animals from tsetse-infested areas, tsetse fly control by using different scientific methods (such as, sterile insect technique, use of accaricides), prophylactic use of trypanocidal drugs, keeping of trypanoresistant breeds and good husbandry practice for the prevention of the disease.

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Gemeda, F. (2015) Prevalence of Bovine Trypanosomosis in and around Nekemte Areas, East Wollega Zone, Ethiopia. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-7. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101521.

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