Research on Signal of Field Monitor of 7220A Localizer Beacon Subsystem of ILS


From the actual perspective of working principle of localizer beacon subsystem of Instrument Landing System (ILS), consideration of the distance information from localizer antenna to field monitor antenna and wide aperture effect of localizer antenna, broke through the limitation of signals synthesized only far-field (FF), established the near-field (NF) model. The three-dimensional mathematical model of localizer beacon was designed, and the signals at both near-field and far-field were analyzed qualitatively. At the environment of Antenna Fault as well as Antenna Distribution Unit (ADU) phase shifter simulation, the characteristics of near-field and far-field were also compared. The simulation results showed that the model met the requirement of theory of localizer beacon, and the gap between two models was so evident, which resulted from the broken geometric symmetry in NF area. The model could provide valuable theoretical basis for performance evaluation and maintenance of the ILS, and meanwhile, provide reference for the further analysis of localizer beacon.

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Qu, C. (2015) Research on Signal of Field Monitor of 7220A Localizer Beacon Subsystem of ILS. Open Journal of Antennas and Propagation, 3, 37-50. doi: 10.4236/ojapr.2015.34005.

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