Testicular Seminoma and Peritonitis about One Case at the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Hospital of Ouagadougou


Introduction: Testicular seminoma is a highly lymphophilic germ cell tumor. It is the most common germ cell tumor in young adults. We are reporting one case of testicular seminoma complicated with an acute generalized peritonitis (AGP), in order to describe the circumstances of diagnosis and discuss about treatment. Observation: It involved a 39-year-old patient, admitted for vague abdominal pains that were evolving since 72 hours with a history of right orchiectomy because of testicular seminoma in 2011. The analysis revealed a peritoneal syndrome, a right inguinal lymphadenopathy of 10 cm diameter and an empty right scrotum. The exploration revealed fistulized necrotic retro-peritoneal lymphadenopathies in the peritoneal cavity and ileal perforation on contact with these lymphadenopathies. Necrosectomy and ileal resections were performed. After the operation, the scanner revealed a conglomeration of retro-peritoneal adenomegalies extending to the right femoral region associated with bilateral pleurisy. The β-HCG and the LDH were 8000 IU/L and 24,500 IU/L, respectively. The seminoma was ranked T3N3M1. The immediate post-operative care was uneventful. The patient was lost from sight for a month and was readmitted in a context of alteration of his general condition. He died before the end of the pre-chemotherapeutic assessment. Conclusion: Scrotal mass is the usual way of revelation of testicular seminoma. In poorly followed-up cases, exceptional complications such as peritonitis may occur and are direct consequences of poor prognosis.

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Zongo, N. , Bazongo, M. , Windsouri, M. , Kaboré, M. , Ouangré, E. , Zida, M. , Ouédraogo, A. , Bambara, A. , Bambara, A. , Traore, S. and Dem, A. (2015) Testicular Seminoma and Peritonitis about One Case at the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Hospital of Ouagadougou. Open Journal of Urology, 5, 220-223. doi: 10.4236/oju.2015.512035.

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