Global Standards and Local Policies for School Diabetes Care


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to analyse the practical implementation of regional and na-tional policies through the Protocol of Care of Children and Adolescents in School (2010) in Extremadura Region (Spain), and to compare its contents with the international standards of diabetes care at school defined by American Diabetes Association and International Diabetes Federation. The measures not only affect the security and diabetes care, but also inclusion and the right to health. Methods: A documental comparative analysis between the local and international standards about diabetes care in school setting is carried out. This analysis is framed in a larger project focused on the study of health promoting school and diabetes education, in which perceptions of children and adolescents with diabetes, their parents and school staff were studied. Results: The Protocol of Care of Children and Adolescents in School (2010) contains some international recommendations about the care of T1DM at school, but in other cases the measures are non-specific. The distribution of responsibilities for care at school is unclear and no monitoring and evaluation indicators are defined. Some elements are identified to be implemented in the tool to favour the security, management of T1DM care and wellbeing. In general, these elements refer to school plan for diabetes care, school organization and teachers, and school community training. Conclusion: It is required to develop specific policies and decisive action to ensure the right to health of children with diabetes and the full application of international standards for diabetes care at school.

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Velasco, M. , Galán, M. and Martín, E. (2015) Global Standards and Local Policies for School Diabetes Care. Health, 7, 1642-1650. doi: 10.4236/health.2015.712177.

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