An Improved Histogram Equalization Method in the Traffic Monitoring Image Processing Field


To process the traffic monitoring image, a local Histogram Equalization method based on fuzzy mathematics was proposed in this paper. In this paper, firstly, we define a function to measure the similarity degree of two images. Then, a suitable Gaussian fuzzy distribution function was chose to generate a 3 × 3 matrix of influential factors. In order to reduce the artificial boundaries, we combined the 3 × 3 influential matrix with a 3 × 3 smooth filter matrix to get the final smooth-influ- ence matrix. Finally, the smooth-influence matrix was used to process the center block image. The simulation results demonstrated that the proposed method can reduce time consumption while improving the image contrast and can get satisfactory results.

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Shi, J. and Yang, K. (2015) An Improved Histogram Equalization Method in the Traffic Monitoring Image Processing Field. Journal of Computer and Communications, 3, 25-32. doi: 10.4236/jcc.2015.311005.

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