Obturator Dislocation of the Hip at Yopougon/Abidjan Teaching Hospital


Obturator dislocation of the hip is caused by high-velocity accidents as evidenced by its frequent association with other traumatic injuries and, seldom found. Its main complication remains femoral head avascular necrosis. We report on four cases of obturator dislocation of the hip. The mean age of patients was 30 years, and all their injuries followed a road traffic accident. Associated lesions were a contralateral femur fracture in two cases and an osteochondral fracture in one case. Reduction of dislocations was achieved orthopedically under general anaesthesia and the average waiting time before reduction was 20 hours. One patient had an intra-articular incarcerated fragment visible on X-ray, and another patient showed signs of early coxarthrosis 15 months later. The average follow-up time was 24 months.

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Traoré, A. , Soumaro, D. , Mobiot-Aka, C. , Mbende, A. , Boka, R. , Dosso, M. , Sy, K. , Essoh, J. , Bamba, I. and Lambin, Y. (2015) Obturator Dislocation of the Hip at Yopougon/Abidjan Teaching Hospital. Open Journal of Orthopedics, 5, 319-325. doi: 10.4236/ojo.2015.510043.

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