Solar Biomass Pyrolysis with the Linear Mirror II


A simple and innovative prototype for biomass pyrolysis is presented, together with some experimental results. The setup uses only the thermal solar energy provided by a system of reflecting mirrors (Linear Mirror II) to heat a selected agro-waste biomass, such as wheat straw. At the end of the pyrolysis process, solar carbon with a high energy density (around 24 - 28 MJ/kg) is produced from a biomass with an energy density of 16.9 MJ/kg. The perspectives for a future industrial application of this setup are also discussed.

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Grassmann, H. , Boaro, M. , Citossi, M. , Cobal, M. , Ersettis, E. , Kapllaj, E. and Pizzariello, A. (2015) Solar Biomass Pyrolysis with the Linear Mirror II. Smart Grid and Renewable Energy, 6, 179-186. doi: 10.4236/sgre.2015.67016.

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