Expression of the Genes OsNRT1.1, OsNRT2.1, OsNRT2.2, and Kinetics of Nitrate Uptake in Genetically Contrasting Rice Varieties


Four genetically contrasting rice varieties (IAC-47, Bico Ganga, Arroz de Revenda and Manteiga) according to Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis were assessed regarding expression of the genes OsNRT1.1, OsNRT2.1 and OsNRT2.2 and the nitrate uptake kinetics parameters (Km and Vmax). Up to 250-fold increases in the induction of gene expression after nitrate resupply were observed for the high-affinity transporter (OsNRT2.1 and OsNRT2.2). However, no significant variations in Vmax among the varieties were obtained. The lower value of Km of the IAC-47 cultivar in relation to the Arroz de Revenda variety suggests a greater role of high-affinity transporter genes. These results indicate that closer attention should be paid to the expression levels of these genes in selecting varieties aiming to enhance nitrogen uptake efficiency.

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Araújo, O. , Pinto, M. , Sperandio, M. , Santos, L. , Stark, E. , Fernandes, M. , Santos, A. and Souza, S. (2015) Expression of the Genes OsNRT1.1, OsNRT2.1, OsNRT2.2, and Kinetics of Nitrate Uptake in Genetically Contrasting Rice Varieties. American Journal of Plant Sciences, 6, 306-314. doi: 10.4236/ajps.2015.62035.

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