Amyloid Goiter: Clinicopathological Assessment of Two Cases and Review of Literature


Amyloid goiter (AG) is a rare but well-established disease entity that may occur in a number of conditions. In the following article, we will report two cases of AG. Both patients were young males: 28 & 24 years old, presented with rapidly enlarging thyroid gland manifested with pressure effects (dyspnea and hoarseness of voice). Provisional clinical diagnosis was malignant thyroid neoplasm. One of the patients was markedly hypothyroid while the other was euthyroid. Histopathological evaluation revealed extracellular deposition of deep pink homogenous material that was confirmed as amyloid with congo red. Patient in case 1 was primary localized AG while patient in case 2 was systemic amyloidosis secondary to interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) that was first manifested by AG. The main aims of the article were to describe histopathological features of amyloidosis of the thyroid gland and to raise awareness of AG to be included in the differential diagnosis in patients presented with rapidly enlarging goiter with mass effects.

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Mohammed, R. , Yassin, E. , Radwan, M. , Ahmed, B. , Ettouny, L. and Abozied, A. (2015) Amyloid Goiter: Clinicopathological Assessment of Two Cases and Review of Literature. Open Journal of Pathology, 5, 20-27. doi: 10.4236/ojpathology.2015.51004.

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