Evaluation of Onchocerciasis: A Decade of Post Treatment with Ivermectin in Zainabi and Ririwai Doguwa Local Government Area of Kano State


Rapid Assessment Method (RAM) were carried out to assess the current situation of Onchocerciasis after repetition of annual community directed distribution of Ivermectin in Zainabi and Ririwai of Doguwa Local Government area of Kano State. Certain manifestations, like nodules, leopard skin and blindness, were used to measure the endemicity level in the community. The subjects of 30 - 50 years who are engaged in rural occupation, resident in that community, were examined for the presence of nodules, skin lesion and blindness. The common manifestation in both communities is nodules with 3 (3.40%) and 2 (3.44%). Leopard skin and blindness were found in Zainabi with 2 (2.27%) and 2 (2.27%). The manifestation of Onchocerciasis was found in older age groups of 49 - 70 and 50 - 69 respectively, which give an indication that the disease was eliminated in the community due to mass distribution of Ivermectin in the previously known endemic community. We recommend mass distribution of Mectizan in other identified endemic foci.

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Sufi, D. and Zainab, T. (2015) Evaluation of Onchocerciasis: A Decade of Post Treatment with Ivermectin in Zainabi and Ririwai Doguwa Local Government Area of Kano State. Advances in Entomology, 3, 1-5. doi: 10.4236/ae.2015.31001.

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