Research on Dihydrate Calcium Sulphate Crystallization during the Production of Phosphoric Acid by Wet Process


Simulate the production of phosphoric acid by wet process is conducted in batch experiments facilities by adopting phosphorus concentrate as raw material from Wengfu, Dazhou city, with a view to study sulfuric acid concentration, reaction time, crystallization temperature of calcium sulfate, active additive, the influence of seed crystal on the size and shape of calcium sulfate crystal under conditions of Wet process phosphoric acid productive process. The research results show that under the conditions of the liquid-solid ratio of 4:1, the sulfate acid stoichiometric ratio of 1.1, phosphoric acid mass fraction of 21%, the crystallization temperature of 75°C, crystallization time of 120 min, when (NH4)2SO4 taken as active additives, Mg-doped calcium sulphate crystal as crystal seed can obtain rodlike crystallization of stability, thickness, uniformity.

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Du, H. , Chen, A. and Yang, L. (2014) Research on Dihydrate Calcium Sulphate Crystallization during the Production of Phosphoric Acid by Wet Process. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 2, 7-11. doi: 10.4236/msce.2014.212002.

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